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Terror Danjah

If you don’t know, Dark Crawler has been out since July 27th, heres the link below:




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Dark Crawler official video

Riko Dan VERUS Terror Danjah – Fruit Punch (for Logan Sama 30/07/2012)

Terror Danjah, Skepta, Riko Dan, Jme & Shorty at Butterz & Hardrive 3 ( 07/07/2012)

Hyperdub will release my album Dark Crawler on September 25.


1. Dark Crawler intro
2. Mirrors Edge ft Lex Envy
3. Dark Gremlinz ft DOK
4. Air Max 90 ft Champion
5. Dark Crawler – Riko Dan
6. Full Hundred
7. Rum Punch
8. Dark Crawler – Mayhem, Deadly & Saf One
9. You Make Me Feel ft Meleka
10. Baby Oil
11. Dark Crawler – Trim & Kozzie
12. Delicately ft Ruby Lee Ryder
13. Moschino
14. Dark Crawler – Outro


25-Aug-12- Urban Nerds “The Heatwave Room” – Scala, London

30-Aug-12 Serato Vestax VCI 380 instore – Southend, UK

30-Aug-12- Fwd ‘Royal T presents Album launch’ – Plastic People, London

31-Aug-12- Serato Vestax VCI 380 instore – Westend Dj, London

07-Sep-12 – Hyperdub ‘Dark Crawler’ Launch Party – Fabric, London

14-sept-12- Hare & Hound, Birmingham (UK)

28/29-Sep-12 – Japan (2 shows)

01/14-Oct-12 – Australia/New Zealand (5 shows)

26/27-Oct-12 – Sweden (2 shows)

1st-Nov-12- Razzmatazz- Barcelona, Spain

SEP – 08/09/10/11/12/13/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27
OCT – 15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25
NOV – 02/03

China (2 shows), Bristol, Glasgow, Malaga (Spain) TBC

To book myself & Riko Dan, please contact Tom Dodd:

Heres a classic from me made in 2003 ‘CREEPY CRAWLER‘ free download

Creepy Crawler

Click here for FREE DOWNLOAD



Terror Danjah at Butterz & Hardrive #3

July 7th 2012 witnessed history at Butterz & Hardrive #3! After the disappointment of Bloc Weekend, a lot party/festival goers who came to this event where not let down. This event was the best yet. Blinding sets from everyone, including Newham Generals featuring ChronikChampion with Serious one had the girls moving, Preditah with Kozzie and Merky Ace had the Grime purist jumping up, D.O.K Dj Spooky was a soundman fest.

Skepta & Jme at Butterz & Hardrive

All thoses who didn’t have the stamina who left after 3am sorely missed out. Boy Better Know very own CEO Jme with his self proclaim King Of Grime brother Skepta & Shorty blessed mine and Elijah & Skilliam‘s sets which where the last two sets. All I can say is stay till 6 AM LOOOOOOL!!!

All I can say it was historic and epic, catching myself Riko Dan, Skepta, Jme & Shorty on my set, very rare occasion!!!

TD behind the decks

I must say it was packed till 6 in the morning. So much passing trade, I saw different sets of people through the night.

Butterz & Hardrive Ladies

Well you know, theres always the piffest ladies at our dances loooool

!000 people in Butterz & Hardrive

Main arena was packed all night, it was like an indoor carnival, pure vibes, people from all around the world travelled to party!



We light up the club, in a good way of course lol

Pics are by James Gould

Download for FREE BELOW:

Emerging from the UK Grime scene, Badness has caused a stir over the last few years. From first hitting the scene with his club smash ‘Dem Dem’ which made it on to BBC 1xtra’s playlist and it is still till this day having the same impact which it did when it was first played late 2005!!! Badness has moved from strength to strength, establishing himself firmly in the UK Dubstep/Grime scene. He’s more known for his Dancehall style which not a lot of people can match in the UK, yet not alone Globally. His Mc’ing skills is varied from slow baritone to fast rapid fire, and if that don’t amaze you, he also provided his singing talents on Wretch 32’s single ‘Ina Di Ghetto’ which also  featured ‘The Movement’ and former’ N.A.S.T.Y Crew’ member Ghetts aka Ghetto. NT: How did do you come up with name ‘Badness Imangie’ ?

BADNESS: The name badness came about when I was 7 because I performed at my neighbours 12th birthday party and her cousin Mc Foxy (Jungle Mc) from Manchester heard me and said “your  name’s Jonny Badness your to bad”.

NT: So what made you decide to started doing Rave/Dance Promotions?

BADNESS: Been doing that since I was 5 years old, use to go on love Injecktion sound system with Corporal Billy and big John. They use to bring me on Sound System back in the day, when they use to clash with Saxon Sound. The main reason why I started my own promoting my dances because I got powers in the dance and plus there ain’t no Grime events. The music ranges from Grime, Dubstep to Funky House. The name of my events is called ‘Nitemare‘! The rave was held yesterday (23/12/09), shout out to Vagabondz, to all the artist that pass through, Skepta, Jammer, Bruza, Lil Narsty, Dj Hatcha, Sir Spyro, Dj Cameo, Dizzle Kid, Logan Sama, True Tiger, P Money etc! And last but not definitely least the ravers, BECAUSE WAS IT JAMMMMM!!!!!!!

NT: Before meeting up with Terror Danjah, what was you doing to promoting your music?

BADNESS: I Was mainly on my own grind more doing conscience bashment music again instead of all the negative hype stuff. But when I got sent to jail I kinda got side track. So I came back in to the Grime scene to up lift the youths and kinda got caught up in the hype.

NT: You have released a few mix cd’s including ‘Lava Continues vol1, Pa/Eruption, but what motivated to do free mix cd and also controversially naming it ‘3 Mason’?

BADNESS: Well I’ve released stuff in Birmingham, also what never reach out, due to a lack of promotion, and door’s been closed by the likes of  like Wiley and dem man were trying to deny me from the scene due to fear of my True Talent and I took his first love from him (Wiley’s first girl friend).

NT: What’s 2010 saying for Badness Imangie?

BADNESS: GREAT STUFF MORE LIFE GOOD OVER EVIL GUIDANCE! look out For my gyalbum out late 20/10  entitled ‘True Talent” (T/T)