Terror Danjah spent much of his early career running the Aftershock label, releasing what has gone on to become iconic Grime records from legends like D Double E, Skepta and Wiley, and playing a role in launching the careers of Kano, Tinie Tempah, Mz Bratt and countless others.

Not having enough time to make his own music, he decided to take some time out, and relaunch himself with a collection of his overlooked work while part of Aftershock entitled, ‘Gremlinz’ on Planet Mu in 2009.


Kode 9, a long-time fan of Terror’s, and head of the legendary Hyperdub label, was excited to sign Terror Danjah as a solo artist with his debut single for the label ‘Acid’ in 2010, following with the well received ‘Undeniable’ album later on in the year. Not satisfied with just being a respected member of Kode 9′s Hyperdub stable, which allowed him to do shows all over the UK, Europe and North America for the first time, Terror Danjah helped bring a young Elijah & Skilliam to the forefront of the Grime scene by being their first release on their then freshly minted Butterz label. Butterz has since gone from strength to strength under his close guidance, becoming the premier grime label in just over a year. It was not long before Terror Danjah wanted a label venture again of his own to continue launching new names into the UK underground as he has always had a good ear for new talent. Hardrive Records’ stand-out track after a year in operation is produced by himself, with him bringing another new name into the fold in Ruby Lee Ryder. ‘Full Attention’ has been doing the rounds from Radio 1 to Rinse FM, and it has brought back DJs that have stayed away from Grime.


For bookings: Tom@elasticartists.net (UK/EU)
carter@windishagency.com (US)


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