London Pleasure Gardens – Ahead of Bloc Weekend 2012 (Updated 07-07-2012)

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Bookings, Events
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Ahead of the Bloc Weekend Festival, I went to the free grand opening of London’s new super music venue London Pleasure Gardens.

As I entered the venue, it was hard to believe I was in my home town borough of Newham in East London, the site feels like I was at Glastonbury but at the river side. LPG boasts a massive 20 acres and roughly a capacity of 27,000 people. I do recommend that you don’t wear your best creps (trainers lol) and carry a bandana or scarf because its very dusty, especially if the wind blows the dust in your face.


In the pic above, you can see the Dome in the distance.

Inside the Dome

In side the Dome the size of the arena feels like it has a capacity of roughly of 1000 people. the size is like the main room in most night clubs.

Main stage

The Main stage is like a concert arena. I ain’t even gonna try to guess how much people can squeeze up in there lol, all I can say is its HUGGGGEEEE lol.


fun fair

LPG has loads of bars and food stalls situated through the site. I tried authentic Caribbean Jerk Chicken with Rice & Peas with salad, I was really impressed, spot on. It was reasonably price at £6.50. Other attractions was the fun fair rides, clothes stalls etc. I didn’t get a close up on the floating cocktail bar, I think most of the site was closed due to still building for the Bloc Weekend.

Behind the main arena

There was another tent arena behind the main arena, the bass from that tent was booming throughout the site lol.

Floating Cocktail bar in the distance

In the pic above is the floating cocktail bar for in distance, nice scenery.

Better view of the cocktail bar

Another pic of the floating cocktail bar above, I think roughly half the site was out of bound due to building work.

Below is the pictures inside of the MS Stubnitz boat where I am playing at for Hyperdub this Saturday (July 7th 2012). My set times is 02:30 – 03:30.

Stubnitz lower dancefloor

Stubnitz upper dancefloor

Dance floor

Outside view of the MS Stubnitz

For info about the Ms Stubnitz

So if your the lucky one to have a ticket, come see me at Bloc Weekend with Hyperdub 

Remember my set time is 02:30 – 03:30 (website is wrong, it says 03:30 – 04:30)

Click here for more info, hope to see you there.

Terror Danjah

(Update: Edited 17:05 July 7th 2012)


I was there last night (Friday 6th 2012) just after 23:20. I was roughly  there for 20 minutes. I was at the artist accredition gate and it was closed. I rang one of organisers at Bloc to find out what was happened and was informed “due to over crowding, the gate is closed for health and safety reasons, and we should be opening it shortly”. by this time I saw it was quarter to midnight and sussed it might be all long to see Snoop Dogg, so I decide to cut loose (leave the site).

I was really gutted because I really wanted to deejay and I also heard Snoop was gonna bring out 50 Cent. I’m screwing KMT!!!

I really hope Bloc still carries on, because their events are always spot and hope to play for them in the future.

For info about the Bloc incident, heres some useful links:


Butterz & Hardrive, july 7th @ Cable

Thanks again!!!

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    big up Terror all day: producer, songwriter, A&R, DJ, veteran, pioneer…and now writer. sometimes it’s hard not to get annoyed at some people lol

    check this write-up from Mr. Danjah himself exploring the new Pleasure Gardens venue in East London. the history of the Pleasure Gardens is interesting and it is intriguing that they have resurrected it in time for the Olympics

    take a look

    The Almighty’s Blessings

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