Before I actually started to releasing vinyl singles on Hardrive, I did two compilation CDs entitled Hardrive Vol 1 in 2007 and Hardrive vol 2 in 2009 (double cd).

Hardrive vol 2

Hardrive Vol 1










After deciding calling Aftershock a day in August 2008 (for those who don’t know Aftershock, its was a record label I ran with Flash which featured artists such as Bruza, Tinie Tempah, Mz Bratt, Shola Ama, Sadie Ama, Kano, D Double, D.O.K. Wiley, Big-E-D, Loudmouth Melvin, Elrae, Badness, D.E.Velopment aka Devilman, Scratcha DVA, Gemma Fox, etc). I vowed never to start another label again.

Aftershock Records

I must admit, I felt lost after leaving the Aftershock chapter behind me. I had met Elijah previous through Loudmouth Melvin in 2007. We shared the same vision and passion for Grime. At that time Grime was unheard of in the clubs, unless you did Electro infused dance music. From the highlights of selling a good couple of thousands of vinyl with one release in a space of a few weeks on Aftershock in 2003 to struggling to sell a few hundreds in 2006, was a real change in the way music was going. That was one of the main sources of income.



I have to say thanks to Joker, it was our conversation that help re kick start my Deejaying career. I was originally a Deejay to start of with. I started playing Old Dancehall which was termed Ragga in 1992. By the end of 1994 I switched from Ragga to Jungle/Drum n Bass. I got on local pirate radio station called Future Fm with fellow school friend D Double E in 1997. I joined Rinse Fm at the end of 1998. I stayed on Rinse Fm till 2001. I wasn’t get much bookings but being was get well know, playing at well establish events One Nation, Telepathy, and Slammin’ Vinyl as an arena two deejay. I decided to stop Deejaying and turn my hand to production.
The turn of 2010 I was four bookings deep into my resurrection of my deejay career, I was in Dublin, Rep Of Ireland, at event called Kaboogie at a club called Twisted Pepper. A raver came up to me in the smokers area and said “I can’t wait for your Bipolar EP to be released on Butterz(first release on Butterz BR 001). I couldn’t believe people still brought vinyl and the spread of the music, and thats what started the ball rolling lol.

Butterz – BR001 – Bipolar EP

In mid 2010 I decided to do the first single release HDR001 Golden Axe EP by D.O.K which includes club smasher Missing Step.

HDR001 – Golden Axe – D.O.K

My second release on the label was with Joker entitled Gully Goon Estate and the flip was with Nottingham’s and DTC boss Illmana called Screama

HDR002 – Gully Goon Estate – Joker, Terror Danjah & Illmana

Third release was from Grime legend P Jam. He hailed from the same label as Skepta in 2003 called Dice Recordings. Just like me, I felt P Jam was not getting the recognition he deserved. Anger Management is one of the biggest tunes in Grime history. It originally came out in 2003/4. Only available with the D Double E vocal. So I decided to release after play in our third Butterz & Hardrive night at East Village, Shoreditch. It was definitely the highlight of the night with 3 massive reloads.

HDR003 - Anger Management - P Jam

HDR003 – Anger Management – P Jam

The forth was something special. I remember hearing this track called Tribal Affair in a club a few years back. I ran up to Elijah and asked him “Who’s tune is this”! I found out later it was Champion. I was around Dj Pioneer a lot in 2010. No matter where Dj Pioneer played up and down the UK, from Uni dances, to the Urban raves to the dress up posh clubs, the track Motherboard had the same affect, straight pull upppppp lol!!! I knew Champion was boss and was already known, but people couldn’t put the face to the name. So this release was to put a change to that, and indeed it did. Putting out the Motherboard EP was one of the best things I’ve done.

HDR004 – Motherboard EP – Champion

HDR005, the fifth was with artist I had under my wing when I ran Aftershock, Mz Bratt . Selecta was tearing up club land, regular spins from myself, Skream, Benga, Hatcha, Mistajam, Shy Fx, etc. Produced by Redlight. I employed remixes from Nights Slugs record label boss Bok Bok and Butterz golden boy wonder Royal T .

HDR005 – Selecta Remixes – Mz Bratt

This release was a stepping stone for me and my label. Full Attention was the sixth release. It featured singing sensation Ruby Lee Ryder. It was the first Hardrive record to get play listed. It went B list on BBC 1xtra. I’ve played this records all over the world and seeing people react to it and going ape is a beautiful thing and having all the big wig deejays playing this record was amazing. I still play this tune to this day.

HDR006- Full Attention – Terror Danjah feat Ruby Lee Ryder

I’m still on this magical adventure, I plan to release the first CD on Hardrive entitled Hard Wired featuring myself Kode 9, Zed Bias, Champion, Joker, Falty DL, Swindle, D.O.K, Sinden, P Jam, etc.

Sorry to ramble on a bit, but this just a sample of my life lol, I hope you continue to follow and support the label and the movement, thanks for reading.

HDRCD001 – Hard Wired – Various

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Terror Danjah

  1. deburgh says:

    Great read mate very informative, often info like this never surfaces and all this adds to the label / terror danjah brand / mystique !!!!!
    Was good gettin u to play big n bashy here in edinburgh, always a highlight when i can let heavy someone else spin the GRIME, peace, Deburgh

  2. Nii-Teiko says:

    Danjah the writer eh?

    big post! clears up some confusion. gotta tweet it

    The Almighty’s Blessings

  3. matt hales says:

    Big ups to Terror! Been a fan from long time. You know there’s a smasher coming when you hear the Gremlin. Aftershock layed foundations in the scene, and as much of a shame they aint here no more. Hardrive is moving things forward, which is only good news for a scene, which in all honesty, is still growing (like it has been for 10 years :p ) Hardwired looks big, and the featuring Artists are equal in stature. I’m looking forward to this one. 2012 has been a Grimey year so far!! And how!!

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