Buju Banton Case update: “We Will Win”

Posted: January 3, 2010 in Music
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Buju Banton Case update: “We Will Win”

Taken from, http://www.cariblifecentral.com/profiles/blogs/buju-banton-case-update-we

In an interview with Jason SkyWalker, President of Gargamel label, Tracii McGregor stated that the Reggae Icon Buju Banton is innocent and that he is doing well. McGregor sounded very energized and ready to take on this obstacle. Mark Anthony Myrie AKA Buju Banton has been arrested and charged with conspiracy drug charges. He is currently waiting to be transferred to Tampa.

According to McGregor the Reggae Icon is prayerful and very concerned about persons behind bars who do not have legal representation. He has even gone as far as to try and get some money together for a fellow Jamaican in need. McGregor shared though that among the many challenges that come with the situation that Banton is in, there is also a challenge with food since he has a strict diet.

McGregor recounted that she was in New York getting things in order for a move of the Gargamel music offices to South Florida that fateful day when she got the message that Banton had been arrested. She had to rush to Florida and on a last minute referral got a lawyer to stand with Banton at his first hearing. She was referred to Herbert Walker III. At the court appearance Banton waived his right to a bail hearing and he will fight the case in Tampa. McGregor says that this is necessary for several reasons such as there “was not a legal team in place and if we got Buju out on bond we would have to deal with immigration.”

McGregor states that Walker will not be the trail lawyer; as such they are looking for some powerful lawyers who have a history of fighting such cases to represent Banton in the trial. This incident comes after a successful tour of the United States to promote Banton’s latest CD “Rasta Got Soul”; that has been nominated for the Grammy for best Reggae Album.

She recounted that Banton is upbeat and that he is ready to fight the case. Banton is looking for his fans to be positive as the case moves forward and according to Mcgregor “We will win this!” According to reports, if convicted, he faces 20 to life on the charge.


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