10 For ‘10: Dream Mclean

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Music
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The original blog taken from http://londontomk.com/post/2009/12/10-for-10-dream-mclean/

One of the youngest MCs on this list and you’ll be hearing about him a lot more in 2010 with his mixtape The Purple Promo 2 dropping 10/01/10.  Having already been backed by TeamSupreme and Buck Marley for his 2009 mixtape release, The Purple PromoDream turned a lot of heads and made a lot of ears stand up as the talent oozed from the mixtape with ‘Experiment Gone Wrong’ especially ringing off nicely – the wordplay was phenomenal.  He can spit over grime and hip-hop and does so well with either genre but most importantly, for a young MC trying to get a name, he’s grinding out those records and mixtapes on the regular and giving them out for free because if you flood the market, they’ll have no choice but to pay attention.


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